Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Contest: Meaning Of Life

"The Meaning of Life"
What does this mean to you?
 Why are we here, What is important about being alive? 
Is it something cosmic or little things in our everyday world!?
Submit your images and show us what this means to you!

To enter: Email up to three photographs to:
With "Contest Entry" in the subject line along with your name.
Send $5 to:

Submission Guidelines
You may submit up to Three (3) Images for each contest
Entry Fee: $5 (Paypal Only)
 Image Size: 640px on longest side, 72dpi
Email photographs to: CuratingtheUnseen@Gmail.com
Include "Contest Entry" in the subject line along with your name.
Winners will be notified by email, and announced publicly online.

One winner will receive
 a 30 day sponsorship package:
Winning Photographer will have a link to their website 
on the front page of CTU, as well as month-long advertising 
across our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Deadline for entries is:
Midnight PST: June 30th 2018 

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