Friday, February 5, 2016

Featured Photographer: Maren Elize Klemp


"As a teenager I had a passion for writing poetry and short stories, but I was also searching for a way to express myself visually. I have no talent for either drawing or painting, so when my father bought me my first camera at the age of seventeen, I was immediately knew that I wanted to pursue a career in photography, and I have been photographing for about 14 years now.At the moment I use a digital camera, Canon 5d mark ii, often together with a vintage style Petzval brass lens."

"For some strange reason the ideas for my images just pops up in my head, and the urge to create them is so strong that I never walk away from an idea. Photography is my life literately, and I cannot imagine myself without my notebook, tripod and camera.
I go for walks in nature, or I get in my car and drive around to search for new location. I also keep a note book where I draw sketches and makes notes about props, locations and settings.
If you just keep searching, you will always find something to be inspired by.
Nature plays a huge part in my work, because I believe that the connection between the human mind and nature is so strong. I take my dog for walks in the woods everyday to search for new locations, and when I find a spot that I like, the image just comes to me. I have always seen great beauty in darkness, and I have adopted that to my work and personal style."

"I want my images to convey emotions hidden in the mind of the viewer. Emotions that people do not pay much attention to during their lives, but may recognize and acknowledge by looking at my images. This is absolutely the most important part of the creative process to me.
The best advice I was ever given is to find your and style and expression, and stay true to that."

"When I am using myself as a model I do not think of it as a "self-portrait". The person in the picture is not "me" because I am playing a part in order to bring out the emotions I want my images to convey. Although sometimes it feels like I am revealing too much about myself, and I get second thoughts about an image because of that."

"She's Mad But She's Magic. There's No Lie in Her Fire" 
 (by the great author Charles Bukowski)

(Interview by 
Carli Rentsch)

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