Friday, May 23, 2014

Featured Photographer: Veronika Gilkova

 Veronika Gilkova is a self taught analog and digital  photographer originally from Slovakia.  She is currently shooting with a Canon 600D and accurately describes her own work as "quiet, meditative, and poetical".  The scenes she paints with her camera are beautiful and full; catching the perfect stillness between motion. That pause after an exhale where the next breath is uncertain.
You can see more of her work Here.

"I started photographing few years ago, when I got my first digital camera. Since then my photographs have changed in many aspects, they are more defined in their own way now. I shoot as often as I can :) But usually wait until I have some concept in mind."

"I get inspired kind of randomly by things which don’t necessarily deal with photography. It can be a fragment from a discussion or something which happens and stays with me for a while etc. I am also inspired by the actual process of shooting and later working with images."

"I can’t really tell which of my photos are the best, but my favourite one would be 'smoke from the feathers' . There was some unexpected travelling involved, some changes in original plan, but in the end, it was worth it."

"I tend to pick models I feel some kind of connection with. It also helps they are often willing to meet my sometimes strange needs such as walk to the water when it is 15 degrees (Celsius) outside. I guess their emotions and stories you can project into them. I sometimes do self portraits, but usually it’s not too obvious it’s me in the picture. I prefer to sort of hide myself in my photos and my photos of me."

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