Friday, May 13, 2016

Featured Photographer: Wendy Sama

"I am a 25 year old french girl. 
I always have been creative, or at least lived with my head on the moon.
 I did not know what to do with that, so I studied philosophy before finding my way in visual communication, and finally embraced the world of photography.

I love video games, even though I do not have enough free time to finish them.
I love cinema and watch a lot of anime/manga. 
Otherwise I enjoy reading, to feed my curious mind. "

"I shoot in digital, my favorite for the moment is an Olympus OMD EM1, 
small but powerful. Really useful for when I shoot in secret or want to be discrete, 
in places like churches for example, and easy to travel with."

"I photograph because I need to communicate, it is as simple as that. 
With photography I can “catch” my emotions 
and make a place for my unconscious in the material world. 
When I photograph I exist entirely, what is underneath is visible. "

"Portraits are the more suitable receptacle for my visions and emotions.
This is what allows me to have a relationship with others,
 translate an emotion into a human body, to make it more accessible.

There is also something feminine, I have a particular connection with women.
I love making them talk, by walking away as far as possible from
 the idea of the “woman as an object”.

I want us to find their emotions beautiful, in a short way,
 I want people wanted to know more about what is happening inside. "

"Conceptually I am driven by the mystery of my own existence, 
I also found inspiration/answers in Carl Jung’s ideas, and human sciences books.

From a technical point of view I am a little more versatile. 
I admire the work of Faber Franco,
 I am clearly inspired by his work with colors and contrast.
 The High fashion look and dark style of Elizaveta Porodina, the twisted work of Evelyn Bencicova, the cinematography of the movie Leon.
 I want to maintain the cinematic aspect of my photography. " 

"I always played a little with a camera before, 
but things started to became serious when I discovered 
that it was an easier way to materialize my universe. "

(Interview by Carli Rentsch)

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