Friday, June 23, 2017

Polina Washington

 Polina Washington

"I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I came here from Velikiy Novgorod to study the University of Cinema and Television where I graduated as a director of photography in 2014. After graduating I focused on photography, shooting 35mm film mostly using multiple exposure technique and film soaking. 
A year ago I started being more focused on digital and video art,
 but I still carry my film camera everywhere I go."

"I pay attention to everything I find attractive in photography and understand my relationship with that through the analysis of my work. 
My pictures always reflect my mental and even physical condition.
 This is a kind of real practice for me, like yoga or meditation. 

I explore myself using photography as an instrument. 
Visual language helps me to feel all those energies and secrets around.
I recharge my energy being isolated from internet, social networks, daily routine and work.
This is true peace for me. I’m very happy to have my husband who shares my interests. We love to be on the road."


"The process of soaking film and multiple expsures were perfect for my DVRKVISIONS and BLOOM  series because I wanted to escape the reality, create an imaginary world hidden from our eyes. It helped me to increase mystery effect and the image always turned “not as I saw it while shooting”. 
That was the goal. "

"The film soaking and double exposure process has a lot of pitfalls,
 I learned everything owing to fails and attempts. 
I had to try a lot of different variations and options to become pretty experienced in that. I think that “more you try - more you get”.
 I wasn’t too much afraid to damage the film so could permit myself experimenting."


"It took me pretty long to be a little bit “free” in understanding if an image is ok or not. 
First time I always have doubts. But it’s also I question of experience. I try to have a short “life” with an image - observe my relation to it in a day, two and more.
 If I still like it, then it’s definitely mine.
 Sometimes when you lose a bit of impression from your new shot, you can be very objective to your work. You are the best critic you have, the only true one. 

If you don’t lie to yourself, if an image truly describes your emotions, feelings and ideas, it’s deserves to be. There always will be someone who won’t like it and it’s okay - you can’t be all purpose for everyone, we are all different. "

"My work as a photographer always was connected with personal research.
 Through the image, I learned to explore questions about myself, my nature and the world around. That's why the visual part is very important in all of my works, I do my best to make image speaking louder than words.
 And of course, I do everything to be honest with myself and the viewer. 
  I try to enlarge some of my creative borders, because I want to explore more and want to be more free as an artist - not being only perceptive like multiple exposure film photographer, but kind of going deeper, exploring new themes and visual styles."

(Interview by Carli Vögel)

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