Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"We Mortals"

De Fonk                                               Federica Capace

 "We mortals, men and women,  
devour many a disappointment between breakfast and dinner-time;
 Keep back the tears and look a little pale about the lips,
 and in answer to inquiries say, "Oh, nothing!" 
Pride helps; and pride is not a bad thing
 when it only urges us to hide our hurts,-
 not to hurt others."
-George Eliot

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"The Bandage"

Ingrid Perret-Gentil                                             Kaleb Starr

"Next to the wound, 

what women make best is the bandage."

 ~Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Journey to the Heart

                                              Shelly Mosman

"Our miracles and life’s magic don’t appear when we’re restless and frantic. The miracles and magic happen when we’re still, quiet, calm, and trusting.."
                              Melody Beattie, ‘Journey to the Heart

Friday, July 22, 2016

Andrzej Klonowski

Andrzej Klonowski

"I’m 28 years old and I live in Poznań, Poland. 
Online I publish my works as 'noritsu-koki' or 'symbolicinteraction',
 and I hardly ever use my real name.
 At work I live a dull life of administrative worker,
 and the after working hours my life revolves more or less around photography.

I really love music, I spend really long hours listening 
to all kinds of music genres that I like. 
Add some good craft beer to it and it’s my idea of perfect Friday evening. 
I’m not a very social person."

"I shoot with a Mamiya c220, Arax60 (upgraded version of Kiev60) and sometimes digital and film Nikon bodies.My photography really started when I bought
 my Mamiya C220 TLR medium format film camera.
 It was in 2010, and this really changed the way I view the world through a viewfinder. 
I went full analogue for almost 5 years."

"Since I was a child, I always felt some kind of urge 
to express myself in an artistic or creative way. 
Unfortunately for a long time I couldn't find a way to do it. 
Photography is a perfect medium for me, 
it's the mix of technology, art, and
 the human perspective of looking at the world."

"I like meeting with people. Listening to their stories. 
Making my own stories through my photographs. 
Photography for me is all about people, it doesn’t exist without human element.
I like to photograph people who are not ashamed of being sad, or serious. 
It’s really hard to find in modern world, which is oriented more on escaping from negative emotions, rather than living in peace with them."

"I've tried to find inspiration in the history of photography, 
or through the works of modern photographers, 
but I must admit, that I didn’t find any. 
I think it’s good to have inspiration, 
but it’s more important to have your own voice."

(Interview by Carli Vögel)