Friday, January 17, 2014

Featured Photographer: Susan Blase

"I reside in Bear Gap, Pennsylvania, basically live in the woods, and much of my work is shot among the fields and trees that surround me. I take things from my life and alter them in a way closer to what I see in my mind's eye. "

"I usually end up shooting everyday. I typically don't plan shots. If I see something that catches my interest, I go for it. This often results in me pulling my car or bicycle over abruptly or in precarious situations while in high heels. However, some of my best shots are a result of this kind of spontaneous snapping. "

"I am totally self taught. I tend to create better if I don't make rules or formulas for myself. I usually find out what works best for me by letting go and just getting lost in the creative process and seeing where it takes me."

"My work is all done on iPhone. I love that I always have what I need with me, and the apps available to edit are so versatile. I can work on a picture virtually anywhere. I typically shoot using native camera or Hipstamatic app as a base, then if need be, I edit later until I'm happy with it. Some of my favorite apps are Mexures, Vintique, LensLight and Pixlromatic. "

"I love ethereal or retro looking photography. I recently discovered Neil Krug and I very much admire his style of work. I also have an eclectic range of influences that appeal to my penchant for fashion and all things glam. Many happen to also direct music videos that inspire me such as Samuel Bayer, Anton Corbijn and Floria Sigismondi, as well as sexy editorial works of Ellen Von Unwerth. I love album cover art as well. But mainly I look to artists dear to me that I've come to know along the way via Flickr, they help me shape my own style and encourage me. "

"Overall I'm a dreamer. My work is a way to interpret those dreams or emotions. Ever since I remember I was fascinated by the world of music and edgy/unique design and fashion. I just create what I like and though I certainly have subjects I lean toward, I don't really limit myself and shoot whatever catches my fancy. My photos can can range from wildly saturated in color and light, to hazy and melancholy. Working on pics allows me to express all that moves me in my own way, like a rockstar, just visually."

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