Friday, May 4, 2018

Featured Photographer: Francesca Pucci

 Francesca Pucci

I was born in the cold winter of 1983,
where costumes and tradition have remained.
In love with art and all its forms,
I collect sounds and visions in a imaginary world
between "Dylan Dog" and "Pretty in Pink".
Qualified at APAB, a Photography school in Florence,
I now collaborate with local cultural associations,
film festival and music magazines, and am co-founder
 of Caroline Records Zine with Silvia Fucci Brizi.”

"Without any doubt,
 music and everything around it, is the force of my artistic work.
Each subject and each story is music, I'm drawn to the ''sound" that they make.
 I try to change it into a picture."

"I'm inspired by every artist that was able

 to portray music in an excellent way:
 A. Leibniz, P. Smith, A. Corbijn,
R. Mapplethorpe, G. Harari, L. Ghirri.”

When I was little I loved drawing a lot
and didn't like being disturbed by anyone,
not even by my father,
 who was an amateur photographer
and was constantly taking pictures of me.
(So boring!)

Until something changed: I realized that I was on the wrong side of the lens.”

I've always had a particular attention for details
and with photography I found the magnifying glass of the world.
In 2009, love, travels, and above all, music,
brought me the necessity to document everything
that would not be with me again. “

The most important part of the work is to know how to tell a little story.

Choose well to tell a lot, but not everything.”

Non ci sarebbe stato il rock’n’roll, 
se prima qualcuno non l’avesse ‘visto’ "

There wouldn't have been rock'n'roll, 
if someone hadn't "seen" it before"

-Gino Castaldo

(Interview by Carli Vögel)

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