Saturday, October 15, 2016

Featured Photographer: Senka Mušić

"I'm a graphic designer that has always been into photography.
Originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but currently based in Dubai."


"Traditional Balkan Witchcraft has intrigued me because it's an alternative approach to heritage, mysticism and history.
It also involves lots of fantasy, which is great to spark up creativity.
I've always had this idea of immortalizing people around me.
Loss and fear of being forgotten is what intrigues me to take portraits of the people around me.
That's why most of my models are my friends, people I care about or that I admire and respect."


"I wasted lots of film rolls when I was a little girl.
I've always been a fan of trying out everything.
Not only because of curiosity, but also because it keeps me on my feet and never bored.
Film and digital are both my choices, depends on the project and time, of course.
Film should be learned first, because it shows the roots and the basics of photography in a genuine way.
The most important part to me is the process, the transformation of a photo from the camera to post.
I also enjoy the reaction of my models when they see the final images... priceless."

"I genuinely think that inspiration is everywhere, but I also think that it comes first from within.
I'm always on a search for something “out there.”
I would like to travel to places that are far away and not often visited.
Those kind of places hide the most curious things."

"Get a really bad camera and go take photos!
The only way to get through the gap of your own work and the type of work you actually like,
is to produce more work."

(Interview by Carli Vögel) 

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