Friday, July 15, 2016

Steven Peice


"I'm 21 years old and I live in Dublin, Ireland.
I am currently working as a freelance photographer and a 'self titled graphic designer.'  
I love to go hiking, hanging around in big forests and eating with my friends. "

"I got a DSLR for my 18th birthday in 2013, it was a Canon 700D.
 At the time it was only for me to take photos of random things
 but as I started to realize how much I can do with photography,
 I became obsessed with it. 
I've been painting people my whole life so the idea of
 bringing my paintings to life with photos was fascinating 
so I taught myself everything from google and youtube."

"I really only started to take photos because
 I wanted to save memories for myself. 
The idea of turning a photo into something magical. 
Usually I just really feel like taking a photo because the day has been so nice, or if there's just a good connection with me and whoever I might be hanging out with that day.
I just take out my camera since it's with me all the time
 and just take a photo of them."

"I started taking self portraits because I thought I could
 really show stuff that I couldn't really get with a model,
 like crying in front of a camera
 or posing on top of a cliff and being a mermaid.
 Just to have that sense of doing everything from the start,
 planning a concept and it all working out in the end is so fulfilling ."

"A little bit cliche but I'm inspired by nature and my friends,
just people around me that have good vibes. 
Also those dark moments in life that really bring out your creativity. 
I hate to say but I feel like I do my best when I'm not particularly in a good place." 

"The most important thing to me, I'd say is color.
 I like dreamy colors and little bits of things.
 I might add like specks or small little details 
that I see in my head when I'm taking the photo."


"Try not to over think and sometimes
 just do whatever you feel like doing or what feels right."

(Interview by Carli Vögel)

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