Friday, July 1, 2016

Featured Photographer: Natalia Yankelevich

"I'm currently working as a product designer with  Silverplatea Moscow based web-studio.
 I love apples and cheese. I like to travel, get to know new people and places. 
On the other hand sometimes I am happy just to be at home to work
and process all that I found out before."

"It is always fascinating to shoot people. 
The most wonderful thing, is to shoot those who tell a story
 and get the audience to think,
 – what is going to happen with this character?-"

"The main thing in a photo shoot is to have real emotion, 
that can be understandable for everyone."

"I started photography in grade school and through university, 
but only now am I starting to not just to make a picture, but to have an interesting result.
It is quite interesting for me to memorize faces or events that are happening around, and photography is the easiest way to keep a memory."

"The main difference between modeling 
and being the photographer is, when I'm taking photos, I'm responsible for the result.
 To make the best image I'm always speaking with the model asking if everything is OK, telling her how to make the pose better, how to make her face look more interesting.

As a model I don't always have these talks with the photographers. 
 Some photographers don't want to, or don't know how to help you."

"I have a friend who was my classmate, Vita Vladimirovna.
 She is a very talented staged-fairytale photographer. 
We hadn't been in touch after university, but I was checking up her photography work and decided to make several photo sets with her. 
From then we understood that it was easy for us to work together 
and we started to organize photo sets together. "

"Having your photograph taken is a great way to
 know yourself better and to analyze yourself. 
I like costumes and atmospheric shoots,
 for me it is a chance to experiment 
with my looks and my inner senses."

" 'Have a sleep on it.'
 - the best advice to analyze any creative work"

(Interview by Carli Vogel)

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