Friday, May 6, 2016

Featured Photographer: Gabriel Isak

             "I grew up in Sweden, though for the past few years I have lived in San Francisco,
                             where I’m currently pursuing my career as a photographer."

"I started out photography doing self-portraiture (which I still do) and I find it very intriguing documenting emotions and feelings about a person's experience – whether I portray them anonymously or not. I began taking pictures at a young age and picked it up again in the middle of 2015.  From there on, it has slowly evolved into a medium that I use to document the internal and external world we live in, without it I have no voice to express myself with. "

"I use photography as a metaphor for experiences of the soul. My main goal with my work is to create images that reflect human experiences and which in turn will allow the spectator to reflect on their own journey."

                  " I find a lot of inspiration from my own life, the serene Scandinavian landscape,
                                  dreams, the psychological world, cinema and paintings."

"Its important to me to create work of quality rather than quantity where I have depicted a visually interesting photography with a story behind it that the viewer can interact with. "

 “Follow your heart and your inner voice in your life and career path.”

(Interview by Carli Rentsch)

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