Friday, December 18, 2015

Featured Photographer: Israel Woolfolk

"I photograph because it's therapeutic. Photography causes me to observe my surroundings closer  and become more aware of how I feel internally about things. Through photographs, I am able to materialize a mood or idea or feeling that I have experienced or that I am trying to work through. Photography to me is more than just taking a picture; My photos are journal entries of my life and where I'm currently at. I have a hard time being vulnerable, but through photography I find that I am able to be."

"I am also a painter, illustrator, and animator by trade. These mediums are much more whimsical and are quite opposite of my photographs; they portray the imaginary and make-believe of childhood. My photographs are more personal and more real.

I consider myself a reflective story-teller; my photographs need to have meaning and a narrative. My own faith and relationship with God have shaped who I am as an artist and how I see myself in the world. My hope is that through my work that people would be encouraged, or healed, or challenged to dig deeper within themselves the same way I have been."


"I love to travel a lot in my personal life and I always make sure my camera is at my side. I also do live in beautiful San Diego; there is a lot of opportunities for nature shots right out my front door.
When I am out in these huge beautiful landscapes, it causes me to be more aware of myself and my life. I want to capture that image to share that feeling with others. I use silhouettes because I want to keep the subject ambiguous so anyone can relate. I want people to be able to look at my photos and have the same feeling of grander and personal reflection."



"Salvador Dali has inspired me through his unique view of the world. Raphael has inspired me in how he captured light. Ansel Adams inspired me through how much he could capture in B&W. I'm inspired by nature and the human condition...."

(interview by Carli Rentsch)

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