Thursday, January 29, 2015

Featured Photographer: Ludovica Maria Busdraghi


"I come from Italy. I live in a small town near Rome, surrounded by Nature."

 "I use only natural light for my shots, that comes from the large window I have in my kitchen. I love it, especially when it's cloudy outside, because it's like having a natural softbox.
I love playing with shadows and highlights to create dramatic mood lighting in my food photography shots. 
One of my main aims is creating a cozy atmosphere that makes whoever is looking at my pictures feel like they are at home, enjoying a tasty meal in good company."

"I use a Nikon D 810 for digital pictures, but I love analog photography too, so I also have a Nikon F6 and a Nikon FM 2 for this. My favorite lens is my old Sigma 50mm Macro that I use for most of my indoor shots. For analog pictures I like experimenting with different films in order to find the perfect tone for my current purpose."

"I'm a self taught photographer. I only attended a basic course a few years ago, and I look for on-line tutorials almost every day. Apart from self teaching and experiments, I hope I'll have the opportunity to follow a Food Photography course - as well as a Travel Photography course - to improve my skills in the fields I like most."

"My passion for photography started very early, at the age of two. My parents gave me a point & shoot camera and I fell in love with it immediately. Later I got my own camera, and I had to ask my mother to buy me a new roll of film very often: I was a curious child and I loved keeping memories of the strange things I used to find in my garden.
At the age of fifteen my father gave me my first reflex camera, and a year later I started using it seriously, after studying the basics of photography. Now I never separate from my camera(s). There's no time I go out without it, because no one knows what interesting things you will find on your way!"

"I'm also a self taught cook! I love cooking - and eating as well. Cooking is so relaxing: when I prepare something I almost feel like a painter, creating art with food and spoons instead of pencils and brushes.
I enjoy cooking for the people I love most, because I adore creating something special for them, and also spending time with my family and friends, trying new recipes together. 
So, Food Photography is a bridge that connects my biggest passions"

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