Thursday, November 13, 2014

Featured Photographer: Daniel Santalla

"I have a degree in primary education and work as a teacher, so since I started with this new career I split my time between offering private tutoring and photography."

"I’m self taught in photography. I do think though that its necessary to have some technical knowledge and for that reason I will start in some lessons this season."

"Photographing animals and people are two very different concepts. With people you always have the advantage of telling them how they should act and correct them in that way until you find the shot you want. With animals you never know that`s going to happen. I actually started taking pics of animals before humans. My work was usually about nature so it was easier for me to get animal models. Recently, I've started to work with people because I love to capture the naturalness that animals lack."

"I usually wear one of my cameras in my backpack when I go out. You never know when you can get a nice picture. You need to take your camera everywhere so you can get a nice shoot anywhere you are.
The camera I usually take and the one I use the most is my fujifilm xf1. Since I bought it, it's became my best mate. I also use my nikon d40, the first camera I’ve ever used."

"I’m Achieving more things that I've ever thought possible since I first started as a photographer. February 2015 I have my next show in an important gallery of my town. It's already more that I could ever dream, but my final goal, like anybody, is to work and to live my passion."

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