Friday, March 7, 2014

Features Photographer: Dennis Auburn

Dennis Miles is a self taught photographer that was Born in Belgium, raised in Missouri, and is now residing in Texas.

"I grew up emerged in art, mostly influenced by painters like Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, from my father. When I first moved to Texas a couple years ago, I knew nothing about photography or any particular photographer. I was first influenced by Tamara Lichtenstein and Baohien Ngo by there dreamy aesthetic. Soon after I was surrounded by a huge supportive photography community and that motivation alone has shaped my work."

"Nikon N80 and D90 are my primary cameras. I use a variety of things pending on shoots. My last editorial included smoke bombs, lighter fluid, roses on fire, and a blow torch. I photograph as often as I can. I work full time while attending school so its tough fitting in shoots but every moment I have time to fit one in, its always like a mini vacation from priorities. "

"I primarily use natural lighting. Most of my models that I've photographed are friends or acquaintances. If I enjoy your look or style, I'm willing to work with a model but it's also really nice if they have an open-mind and willingness to have fun with working with each other."

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