Friday, February 21, 2014

Featured Photographer: Stephen Ninaber

"I grew up moving from one town or city to the next, as we moved a lot for my Father's work. This planted a bug within to me to see every part of the world and travel as much as I can. My first trip outside of North America began at age 16 to India, and since then at the age of 25 I have been to 28 countries. My most recent journey took me on a trip over 6000 kilometres, from Brussels, Belgium, to Dakar, Senegal. Here are some of the photos from my journey where my eyes beheld some of the most stunning sights beheld to the human eye." 

"Growing up my Father was a church planter, pastor, and entrepreneur so we moved a lot to different ministries, and also different job opportunities. He had his own computer shop, sport store, gas station, and other things. He even taught me how to piece together a computer at the age of 7, I guess this is where I got my computer side from. So yes, I had to always make new friends, but I also got to see so many new places and things, and thus developed an addiction for the unseen. I have to see everything possible! and live it all. We have now been living in the same area in Canada now though for about 8 years, and I have just been traveling as much as possible from there since the end of high-school really. My dad still pastors, but also has his own tree business, where he cuts and trims trees, fun-fact... I am also a tree climber, I worked on and off with my dad for the past 8 years trimming and taking down trees."

"I do many things when I travel, from humanitarian work, to visiting friends, to trying new foods, and meeting new people. Most of my photographs have come from a trip, where my main intention was just to experience new culture, and new things. I try to make each trip as thrilling and exciting as possible. I have done things like sky-diving, and bungee jumping, to driving across Europe and Africa, to surfing. I guess you could say I'm addicted to adventure." 

"I have a bunch of different camera gear, from a Nikon d80, to using a Canon 5d mark iii, however my most trusty and used tool would be my iPhone... It has been with me to capture some of the most thrilling and exciting moments, when there wasn't any time to pull out a big camera. "

"I have no schooling at all, everything I have learned I have just picked up a long the way. From collaborating with friends, to trial and error, and my natural intuitiveness for anything computer has helped me pick things up."

"I have a possible upcoming trip to China in July to teach English, and while I'm there I'm sure I'll get to snap some awesome photos, and experience some new things. I am also hoping to go to Nepal in October. I don't think I'll ever loose the nerve to travel, its what keeps me going and breathing! I mean, if I can inspire people while I'm living my life, that all I really wanna do." 

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