Friday, October 4, 2013

Featured Photographer: Tuane Eggers

"Most of the people I photograph are my friends and boyfriend. Some of them are strangers or people that I’ve met a few times, people that I wanted to photograph for the beauty of that moment. The photos were taken in many places. Many of them were made in the backyard of my house and in veracious other environments- in nearby cities for example. Sometimes, the people that I photograph help me to create a special atmosphere for the picture. I can imagine something, but the picture will always will be a surprise."

"I was born and live in a small town in the south of Brazil with about 70,000 inhabitants. I never lived exactly in the middle of nature, but I have always cultivated a love for it. I feel that closeness of nature is increasingly necessary. What can be more beautiful, fascinating and mysterious then nature?"

"I don’t have any frequent rhythm for photographing. I feel when I am not inspired, I try to enjoy the moment in other ways because I think photography is not for every moment. But at other times when an idea comes to mind and I’m available, I rush to the camera. I’m a self-taught photographer."

"The most of these pictures are film. I started shooting with digital cameras, but I fell in love with analogue photography over time. I like filter effects on analog photographs. I’m using a digital Zenit and film Canon now, but I also like medium format. I wish to know and experiment more with them."

"I think a perfect day for me is a sunny day of autumn or spring in a field or another nature place with my boyfriend and my friends and my camera and bicycles and good music. A day that we can forget all the weight of the world and just be there, feeling the wind in our faces and feeling alive."

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