Friday, December 2, 2016

Featured Photographer: Mika Suutari

"When I started taking photos, I shot nearly everything I could find out in nature.
A few years later, I bought a macro lens and started shooting close-ups.
I shot close-ups for several years, shooting mainly plants.
You could say that the plants have been changed to characters in my images, and a macro-lens changed to a wide-angle lens.

In recent years, I have been dealing with some difficult issues in my personal life
 that i have been processing through photography.
Photography is, and has been, very therapeutic for me.
My photography is very important to me. 
When I am taking pictures, I forget about everything else around me and focus solely on it. Big part of photography for me is being in the nature in complete silence under a starry sky or on a foggy field. 
That is why I love it."

"The most important thing for me in an image is the mood,
not so much the landscape itself, or technical quality of the image.
A good photograph is the result of the right moment, good light, and the photographers vision.

I mostly get inspired from the nights, clear skies and morning mist here in Finland.
I'm also interested in science fiction and post apocalyptic movies, TV series and quite dark music. "

"This is my advice to others:
 You need to take lots of pictures, try out different things 
and make mistakes until you get the picture to look how you want it. "

“Do not care what others say. 
Do what you love.”

(Interview by Carli Vögel)

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