Friday, December 4, 2015

Featured Photographer: Rachel Ennis

"I live in London with my husband and two girls who are 4 and 6 but am originally from Brittany in France. I love the sea, good food and wine, quiet time to think and dream of photography ideas and of course my camera!
At the moment I shoot digital only with a Canon 5D Mark III, my favourite lenses are the 24-70mm f2.8 and 85mm 1.2 as I love soft images. I would love to get into film and now that I have more time on my hands, really keen to try and experiment."


 "My husband bought me my first ever DSLR camera, a Canon 550D with a day course on how to use it for my birthday four years ago. It was just after the birth of our second daughter. He was convinced I would sell it back on eBay within a month but since then, have fallen in love with photography. I read, studied, practiced and upgraded to a 5D Mark III.
   After the birth of my second daughter, I started to suffer from post natal depression and at the time, the only thing that gave me pleasure and brought light to my day was photography so I started a 365 project to force myself to shoot every day. I learned quite a bit during that time and it slowly, alongside the support of family and friends, dragged me out of the dark side. Now I take images for different reasons, to capture my kids’ childhood moments and create an annual yearbook which they love, to create more artistic pieces as, being a strong introvert, I find it a brilliant way to express myself. I'm drawn to emotions, all the way. I am not a huge fan of posed images but a fleeting moment between shots, that true laughter, the twinkle in the eye, a moment of sadness or reflection… I am mostly drawn to photographing people but if I love the peacefulness of the sea and beauty of nature."

"There are two elements that I love: capturing childhood. I love looking back on the images of my girls through the years and am so grateful to have been able to capture those amazing moments. I am in the process of building a website and hopefully launch soon a kids photography site. My other love is fine art and fashion which I look at as more personal work. I would love to get some fashion commissions one day but I will have to work way harder to build a portfolio first and the artistic side is what drives me, inspires me, keeps me going and creating images that mean something to me is what keeps me happy (and sane!).
My dream shoot would be in a  run down case/mansion with high windows and tall doors somewhere on a beach, models, styling team, beautiful gowns, the sea as a backdrop… does this place exist? Must start saving up!"


" I love to read children books, fiction, art books, watch movies from Tim Burton to Hollywood classics, go for a walk and clear my head. Inspiration is all around us if we are willing to see it. Escapism if the best way to release your imagination.   Inspiration Photographers wise, I love Eugenio Recuenco, Tim Walker, Brooke Shaden, Paolo Roversi, Emily Soto, Miss Aniela for fashion/art, Skye Hardwick and Amber Privizzini for children photograph. I also take inspiration in paintings from all ages and love going to museums for inspiration. When I can, the sea is one of my biggest source of inspiration as it takes me away from the chaos and noise of the city."

"During a workshop with the amazing Brooke Shaden, she constantly reminded us of a quote she has tattooed on her arm ‘ Fear is the mind killer’. I am my own worst critic and freak out at the possibility of everything going wrong and being laughed at. When this happens, I remind myself of that quote and push myself to take a leap of faith. After all, what is the worst that could happen."

(Interview by Carli Rentsch)

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