Friday, September 25, 2015

Steve Murray

"I’ve been doing photography for about eight years now, and experimenting with mixed-media art for about the last three. Before that I was involved more in film and video production… 

I started this watercolour series earlier this year and worked solidly for a few months completing about 150 pieces. The process was to first take an old style monochromatic image on a dappled canvass background with soft diffused lighting. Over this I painted watercolours in a few layers. The first was with browns, blacks and greys, scratched onto the image with rough brushes to give a daguerreotype sort of feel. The second layer was applied with vivid colour to bring out the energy and vibrancy of the subject. I mostly combine medium format photography with tangible materials like watercolors, paint, ink, milk, paper, etc. I’m all about the textures, it's much more fun to get messy with it all in real life rather than just edit everything in post production. 

All of the lovely people who modeled for me had such unique personalities, interesting stories and great energy. I hope the colours somehow bring that forward and provide a glimpse of what I saw looking at them during the shoot. 

I think we are living in a golden age of art at the moment, every gallery, website or blog you visit features incredible work. Technology gives voice to all sorts of phenomenal artists and photographers, so I guess I’m inspired by everyone. When I’m setting up for a shoot, or pulling out paints and canvases, I still get that shiver of excitement and anticipation. To create art is a luxury, to live in a free society and be in a position where you can create is an absolute gift, so of course you’ve got to!"


(Interview by Carli Rentsch)

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