Friday, August 14, 2015

Featured Photographer: Bagrad Badalian

"I am a visual artist and practice experimental photography. I was born in Armenia and grew up in Belgium. I work in Berlin and Paris at the moment. I started taking photos back in 2008. I mostly shoot with Canon 5d or 60d.

What draws me to portraits is their familiarity. I see the portrait as a blank canvas on which I can paint abstract ideas. In the beginning I was interested by long exposure photography, instead of capturing the trails left by the light, I was more focused on the trails left by my reflected subjects. I needed the reflections to gain in their intensity so I focused on developing a way of doing that.

My work has always been about finding the hidden, it's not a matter of inventing but discovering new ways in which colors and shape can associate with each other.The interaction between the lights and the textures of my subjects can create surprising shapes, it's a sort of recipe, with a different taste.

I am trying to shine a new light on subjects such as portraiture or nude photography. As an artist I wish to reveal something that has not been seen before, I want to surprise your eyes.

I shoot different series done with different styles and techniques so they are separate, some series are done with long exposure shots, others with optic distortion or highspeed photography, I enjoy different techniques that I can work with.

​(To break out of a creative block) I will just work, I have creative block when I stop working. I don't prepare too much and just rush into my work to avoid creating mental obstacles. If I can't get it right the first time I try, I just keep on trying until I am surprised or amazed.

Any subject can be inspiring if I observe it for a long time. Focus and observation can reveal something in anything."

(interview by Carli Rentsch)

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