Friday, April 10, 2015

Carmen De Vos

"I was born and raised in Belgium, Ghent. Almost without exception I use old Polaroid cameras, expired film and self-made filters. I photograph almost every day."

"I'm self-taught. I never intended not to study, it just happened this way. My path goes along self chosen directions. I learn from fighting, falling, and getting up again.
I enjoy the struggle when the result is fulfilling and beautiful."

"I'm a sucker for imperfections and serendipity.
My tools and methods - such as film bleaching and deliberate film obstruction - are not precise and are not even geared towards a perfect representation. They often yield results - such as colorization, deformation, unsharpness -  which I could never have predicted with any certainty, because their imperfections do not allow for calculation. Polaroid adds a physical history to the picture by itself. The limited technical capacities of my gear restrict me. To find my path within these limitations and inconsistencies frustrates me as much as it challenges me."

"I look around for models but almost always end up with friends and family. They are willing victims. I love being surrounded by familiar friendly faces."

"As a photographer, I want to make the most beautiful pictures within the limitations I imply on myself."

"My perfect day: I'm with my daughter and husband. We are somewhere abroad and warm. There's good food, a nice view, warm weather and happy conversations.
My camera silently registers."

(Interview by Carli Rentsch)

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