Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Featured Photographer: Tyler Krohman

Tyler Krohman is a Canadian living in Chengdu, Sichuan, China for the past 5 years. His street portraits are shockingly intimate for a foriegner- showing his neighbors as utterly sympathetic and often heart wrenchingly lonely.

"I have never taken a [photography] course. I think what makes photography interesting is that through someones images we can experience another way of seeing the world around us. No one tells you how to see right ? To me improvement comes with being aware of whats going on around you and learning how to use different elements in your environment to make an image compelling."

"Moving to China really got me started taking pictures - all of a sudden there were people everywhere, doing everything and doing it in the street.."

"Sometimes a photo can lead to a conversation. This happens more so when I want to ask someone for their permission to take a photo. I find it works well to talk to people for a few minutes before asking to take the photo. However, most of my photos happen quite quickly and sometimes the subject may be unaware the photo even happened. I have no rules about it."

"I have a very bad memory. I find taking a photo everyday helps me to remember what was happening around me."

"No one has taken a swing at me yet. I have had the odd angry person, but it is rare. I find you get better at judging what you can get away with as time goes on. The worst feeling for me is when I get lazy and miss the shot."

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