Friday, November 4, 2016

Featured Photographer: Mark Cornick

"I'm an Urban and Landscape photographer based in London.
I work in the Broadcast industry full time, but am working hard to try and make photography my career.

I'm passionate about all things photography and image related, and when I'm not shooting architectural images in London, I love to visit the coast to shoot seascapes"

"I just love creating, and looking at images.
It means you can spend time exploring new places, 
and also learn a lot about the city / area you live in.
I'm a big fan of lines, shapes, symmetry and abstraction, 
which is perfect for shooting architecture."

"Most of my images are taken in and around London, focusing on the architecture and urban landscape.
We often travel to Cornwall, which is on the South Coast, and is amazing for seascapes.

Hong Kong is the ultimate bucket list destination for me at the moment.
 I love dystopian imagery, so Hong Kong would be a dream location."

"Take a break. Don't force it.
 Look at the work of others to find some inspiration.
I've found that having an end goal, like with a distinction
 is the best way for me to remain focused and creative.
Create images that you want to take, 
and try not to fall into the trap of just making images
 that you think will be successful on the internet."

(Interview by Carli Vögel)

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