Thursday, December 4, 2014

Featured Photographer: Pi Rawinad

"I’m from Madrid, Spain."

"I’ve been studying photography for 2 years, but I’ve learned the most by myself. I love to try new things every time, this is the best way to improve my skills. I take family photos, couple photos, commissioned portraits… and I’m selling my photos too."

"I started with a Nikon F50, which was an analog camera. After that my boyfriend bought me a Nikon D60 for my birthday (6 years ago) and now I’m working with a Nikon D800. I work with natural light whenever I can, I think that it is the best illumination ever."

"On January 1st I woke up really early and full of energy, and with the idea of the project in mind. I asked my boyfriend to take a photo of him holding a plant, and when it was edited I showed it to him, letting him know that it will be the first pic of a 365 project! He thought this was a good idea, so I started very happy. Sometimes it has turned into a very hard challenge, because of the time, work, holidays… This is the reason for my delay (I’m working on the day 207 right now, I’m not going to finish on December 31th), I promise I will finish the project with all the pics, though."

"The human body inspires me, particularly the female body. And beauty in general, reams, delicacy, intimacy…"

"It would be great to be able to inspire other photographers. What I love the most is to arouse emotions with my work."

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